Oldsmobile El 442

Pontiac Le Camino?

Pontiac Lemans Sport Truck. I have seen pictures of this before but now it's for sale  Pontiac Lemans Sport Truck at www.leadedgasclassics.com , go check it out! More pictures! At least for now.

(Photo courtesy of Hemmings Motor News and LeadedGasClassics.com)

"This sport truck is 1 of 1 Prototype constructed new in 1967 for presentation and review for production by Pontiac Motor Division President. It is believed to have been responsible for the introduction of the GMC Sprint."

In a 2014 Hemmings.com blog entry  there is more a reasonable explanation about the birth of this hybrid:

"group of Pontiac dealers in the Midwest, unhappy that Pontiac didn’t get their own version of the Chevrolet El Camino, pooled their resources to build this car by melding a LeMans Safari station wagon nose (and, as we see from the photos, dash and drivetrain) with an El Camino chassis and cab."

This is short story in Chevelles.com backs up this side of the story.

That would be awesome to own. It's not that hard to custom made since most of the body sheet metal are interchangeable between cars that has the same GM platforms.

There were a new blog entry in 2017, when this same vehicle came up for an auction again.