Oldsmobile El 442

Pontiac Safari Sport 5th gen style

I stumbled on this awesome Pontiac Safari Sport custom at one of many El Camino facebook pages and got a short story from builder's son, Irvin. His dad build it over the years and wanted it to look like it came from the factory assembly line.

Even the dashboard looks like it belongs to El Camino.

It's nice to see that interior is also considered in this custom job.

GM's policy was to use same bodies and measurements it's easy to fit parts from same x-body style.

Irvin told me that his dad build this 13 years ago from parts and junk yard cars. His dad owned a body shop and but didn't build any custom himself. Well except this one. All parts are from 1978 to 1983 models except tail gate emblem which is from 2006 GTO.

I have to say that this looks like it really did came out of factory assembly line. It's great that G-bodies have so much interchangeable parts that you can make your own custom without too much cutting and welding sheet metal.

Photos by Irvin Arter. Jr.