Oldsmobile El 442

The Caminofication?

What does Caminofication mean? Well, first we need to break down the word; Camino-fication.

The word Camino is a Spanish word that has a number of meanings in English. The main meaning is as a track, path or road. It also can mean a literal way, route or journey. Figuratively, it means path or course. And is also a name of the Chevrolet coupé utility, the El Camino.

The word -fication is derived from French or Latin -fication- (from verbs ending in -ficare), which means making, creating, or causing.

So, Caminofication means making something into a road, path or journey, but in this car related case it means making something into an El Camino.

I've been blogging about Caminofication ever since I read it from Road And Track article about Range Rover that was caminoficated from a SUV to SUT. There is also Car and Driver article that has some pictures. I searched for the Startech website, but I couldn't find the modification anymore.

Anyway, as I mentioned I've been blogging about caminofication quite while now, in my 1970 El Camino blog. And now I want that site to focus only for my 1970 El Camino, thus this site.

I'll post those earlier blog posts from my El Camino site to here.